• Wolf Board (PIC32MX250F128)

    Element 14 project.

    This is a small ChipKIT device that plugs directly into a Raspberry Pi.

  • Burk Watchband

    Burk Technology Inc. project.

    This product is a computer controlled FM/AM broadcast radio receiver.

    It was designed by KMI Technology from the ground up.

  • Burk ARC16

    Burk Technology Inc. project.

    Designed, laid out the hardware and built the prototypes of the ARC-16 Web interface.

    This included layout under Protel verification of the design and the building of the first 6 prototypes.

  • ClearOne Converge

    ClearOne Communications project.

    The Converge is an audio matrix product developed by ClearOne.

    It used a Wind River OS.  We helped with the development and final testing.

  • ClearOne MaxPhone

    ClearOne Communications project.

    This device utilizes VoIP to transmit and receive speech.

    It is based on a TI TNET1050 Mips processor.

    We wrote the firmware download mechanism.

    This allowed the user to update the device using a TFTP server.

  • BURK GSC-3000

    Burk Technology Inc. project.

    Designed, laid out the boards and built the prototypes of the GSC Web interface.

    This included all the hardware development and PIC software to support the functionality of the interface.

I personally have been doing firmware for over 35 years.  I know first hand how expensive firmware can be.  I have searched for ways to decrease the cost of the most expensive part of your product.  I believe I have found it.  There are two major components to decreasing your costs for firmware.  The first is to decrease the labor costs.  We do this by outsourcing to a very talented pool of engineers we have recruited from overseas.  The second item to saving costs on firmware is using test driven development.  Do you have firmware schedules that are too flexible?  Do you spend too much time in the “debug” section of your development cycle?  Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the “debug” section of your schedule.  Test driven development can do this for you.  We have trained these engineers to use test driven development in writing your firmware.  This gives us verification that your system is working to your specification at any point of the development.  Each piece that is added is thoroughly tested before being integrated into the whole system which is again tested as a whole.  Not only does this give you the most reliable firmware but also in the shortest possible time with the least amount of expense.  We are here waiting to put our team to work for you.  Contact us for a consultation.

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